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ctsy fuse meaning

CTSY Fuse: What it Really Means (Explained)

In the Chevy, the CTSY circuit is responsible for the car’s courtesy lighting and other related systems. The system has many associated lights and wires that are affected if the wiring has any. These issues can vary from benign to potentially dangerous. In short, The CTSY fuse is a 20A fuse that bridges the circuitry …

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silverado lt vs ls

Chevy Silverado LS vs LT

Are you considering getting a Chevy Silverado and want to know the difference between the different trims? In this article we will be doing a Chevy Silverado LS vs LT comparison to establish the differences between the 2 options and the associated pros and cons of each model. The Silverado is one of the iconic …

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how reliable is a chevrolet diesel

Chevy Cruze Diesel Reliability (Everything to Know)

In this article, we are going to be looking at the Chevy Cruze diesel. In particular, we are going to be looking at the Chevy Cruze Diesel reliability. Is it worth the investment? Well, by the end of this post we hope to have helped you make an informed decision. The Chevy Cruze has been …

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chevy cruze best and worst years

Chevy Cruze Years to Avoid (The Worst & Top Models)

If you are on the market for a used Chevy Cruze then you might be interested in the Chevy Cruze years to avoid. In this post, we are going to be looking at this topic and help you make a decision when looking at a Used Cruze. The Chevy Cruze was a response to the …

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chevrolet colorado

Chevy Colorado Years to Avoid (Best and Worst Explained)

It has been in production for the past two decades but are there Chevy Colorado years to avoid? In this post we will be exploring this question and help you decide on which years you should run away from. If a vehicle has been in production for more than two decades, indicators are that it …

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chevy equinox all wheel drive

Are Chevy Equinox All Wheel Drive? (Answered)

The Chevy Equinox is a versatile compact SUV that is capable of a lot. One of its abilities is to tackle rough terrain and difficult road conditions because of All Wheel Drive. However, are all Chevy Equinox all-wheel drive? When it comes to the compact SUV class, the Chevy Equinox ranks highly in several categories. …

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chevrolet diesel vs gas

Chevy Colorado Diesel vs Gas (Which is Better?)

Carting away several Truck of the Year titles couple of years back, The Chevy Colorado has interestingly become a favorite to us who are on the lookout for the best-suited, drive-through-anywhere off-road pickup for the weekends. When we buy vehicles like trucks/pickups, drivers often start their considerations from the engine type. Which one to choose. …

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v6 vs v8 chevy silverado

Silverado v6 vs v8 (Which Chevy Engine is the Best)

Since the Chevy Silverado move from being a trim of the C/K to being its own standard along with model, the engines for the Silverado have been the V6 vs V8. This has always been a long-standing rivalry for fans of the brand. We will be looking into the merits of each engine, the success …

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chevy equinox years to avoid

Chevy Equinox Years to Avoid (Best and Worst Time Period)

First introduced to showrooms in 2005 the Chevy Equinox is Chevrolet’s mid-size crossover SUV. In its over 15 years it has maintained a high level of popularity. Regardless, there are some Chevy equinox production years, to be avoided. Over the course of production, like with wines some models will stand out and others will fall …

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z71 package worth it

Is Z71 Package Worth It? [Things to Know]

Most people have started to appreciate off-road activities with time. It is the reason behind the gradual increase in the demand for pickups or trucks in the market today. Some have also opted to modify and upgrade their trucks for better performance during off-road activities. Z71 is an off-road suspension package ideal for modifying trucks …

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