silverado lt vs ls

Chevy Silverado LS vs LT

Are you considering getting a Chevy Silverado and want to know the difference between the different trims? In this article we will be doing a Chevy Silverado LS vs LT comparison to establish the differences between the 2 options and the associated pros and cons of each model.

The Silverado is one of the iconic Chevy trucks that have cemented their position in the hearts and minds of the American public. It’s only natural that you might be considering getting one and doing a bit of research before taking the leap. So, what is the difference between these 2 trims and which one is best for you?

In short, The LS (Luxury Sport) trim is the base trim of a Chevy Silverado in older models and has now been replaced by the WT (Work Truck). The LT (Luxury Touring) is the next trim after the LS which features better options in terms of engine, interior finishing as well as the technology in the vehicle.

Both of these trims offer a lot of features that are more than you could expect at a similar trim level for a similar truck. We will look at these a bit more later on.

What Does LS and LT Mean?

Ever wondered what the letters in the different trims mean? Are they just random letters that the engineers or marketing department give them or do they actually have a significant meaning?

Well, you are about to find out. LS stands for Luxury Sport. You will find this trim on a lot of the models under General Motors. The difference between other models under GM and the Chevy Silverado is that the LS is actually the base trim.

On the Silverado though, there are 3 other trims that come before it which are the WT, Custom, then the LT. Though the LS name had meaning in the beginning, this has been lost over time as new trims were developed and the name has been used to indicate the lowest level in newer options while being removed altogether from the Silverado line.

LT, on the other hand stands for Luxury Touring. It is a step above the LS when it comes to various features, tech and capabilities.

Are LS and LT Mounts the Same?

The LS and LT engines are also slightly different. Just as the LT comes after the LS and has better features, finishings and technology, the engines are slightly different as well. In the engine world, the LT replaced the LS even on other none Chevy models. The mounts of the two are not identical. If you want to upgrade from the Lt from the LS, you will need to make some mount modifications that allow you to upgrade the engine.

Is LT Better Than LS?

The short answer to this question is yes. The LT is definitely more advanced in every respect. You basically have better finishing in the interior, better technology on the car and a better engine. In just about every respect, the LT is a better vehicle.

Differences between LT and LS

Here is a list of some of the improvements you will find on the LT over the LS:

  • LED Lights
  • Fog Lamps
  • Power Seats
  • Heated Driver and Front Passenger Seat
  • Upgraded Engine
  • Added Safety Features
  • Driver Assistance Features
  • Roof rails
  • Wireless charger
  • Powered lift gate
  • Remote start

LS vs LT Exteriors

When you buy your Chevy Silverado from the lot, you will most likely get the standard exteriors. There aren’t really that many distinctions between them except maybe the chrome accents on the bumper ad along the sides of the LT.

If you want different trim options like the blacked out option, you can order that online and have it customized. One of the reasons that GM doesn’t make many modifications on the outside of their trucks is due to the fact that most truck owners prefer to do that themselves.

There’s a thriving aftermarket for truck accessories where most people can choose how they want to modify their truck at a fraction of the cost of having GM do it. They also get options that GM does not offer.

Conclusion on Chevrolet Silverado LT vs LS

When you compare the Silverado LS vs the LT, both trucks are great with a host of features in them but the LT stands head and shoulders above the LS. Though the LS is listed on the GM website as one of the trim options, it’s quite difficult to find in car lots. You may have better luck looking for it on the used car market

Photo by Laurenz Heymann on Unsplash

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