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tahoe worst years

Chevy Tahoe Years to Avoid [Worst Models]

On the market for a new SUV and wondering which Chevy Tahoe years to avoid? This post is going to help you make an informed decision on which ones to avoid. The Tahoe is one of the best SUVs you could get from the GM line. Not only is it a solid vehicle with decent …

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trax chevy awd system

Does a Chevy Trax Have All-Wheel Drive?

The Chevrolet Trax is a highly rated subcompact crossover SUV with a variety of features and options that make it a great choice for a family vehicle. The Trax is available in a variety of colors and styles, and it is a great choice for those who want a vehicle that is both economical and …

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do you need onstar to use navigation

Do I Need Onstar to Use Navigation?

Key points to highlight: Navigation on GM vehicles works without Onstar, but Onstar enhances it with features like turn-by-turn navigation. Onstar offers various services beyond navigation, including RemoteLink, Wi-Fi connectivity, and roadside assistance. Canceling Onstar subscription means losing additional features, but basic navigation functionality remains accessible through the vehicle’s onboard system or other apps like …

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Chevy SS: Unearthing it’s Weight Secrets

Understanding the weight of a vehicle is a crucial aspect of comprehending its overall performance, efficiencies, and handling characteristics. One stand-out vehicle, in particular, the Chevy SS, heavily benefits from an intricate balance of weight and performance. This exploration is poised to take you on a journey through the weight mechanisms of the Chevy SS, …

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Best Carburetor for 350 Chevy

Best Carburetor for 350 Chevy (Top 5 Picks)

A carburetor is an important part of the engine, which manages how well it operates. It is responsible for regulating the air-fuel ratio and mixing the fuels and also controls the engine speed and load change. All of these tasks are so important that a carburetor has been called the heart and soul of the …

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chevy impala

Service Tire Monitor System Chevy Impala (Meaning Explained)

A tire monitor system is a device that can be installed on a vehicle. The purpose of this device is to alert the driver when there is an issue with one or more of their tires. Some systems will also alert the driver if there are any problems with the vehicle’s other systems, such as …

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Chevrolet Captiva

Chevrolet Captiva Problems (Is it Reliable?)

The Chevrolet Captiva SUV is quite impressive, but every vehicle has its own fair share of problems. Today we’re going to be talking about problems with the Chevrolet Captiva and how reliable it is and more. Keep reading. Common Chevrolet Captiva Problems There are many common Chevrolet Captiva problems that owners often complain about. Some …

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Theft Deterrent System Chevy Impala

Theft Deterrent System Chevy Impala (Meaning, Causes, & Fix)

Chevrolet is among a few car brands that embrace technological advancement to improve the driving experience. The company keeps adding high-tech features to reduce accidents and protect vehicles from theft. The theft deterrent system on Chevy Impala is the modern feature that notifies the owner when someone attempts to steal or vandalize the vehicle. But …

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chevy spark mods

Chevy Spark Mods (With 9 Examples)

Chevrolet spark is one of the most popular chevy vehicles on the road today due to its affordability, fuel efficiency, and reliability. Chevy spark is a great option for those who want to get around town but don’t want to spend a lot of money on gas, however, let’s face it the stock spark is …

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Engine Power Reduced Chevy Impala (What Does it Mean?)

What does engine power reduced mean on the Chevy Impala? If you were wondering, wonder no more, I will answer that in this post. The Chevy Impala has proven to be one of the best sedans on the market though without its fair share of problems. Equipped with a decent interior space, luxurious finishes, and …

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