Chevy Traverse


Chevy Traverse Oil Type, Capacity & Interval

Knowing the type of oil required for your Chevy Traverse is critical in ensuring you don’t use the wrong type, which could end up negatively affecting your engine. In this article, I decided to help you determine the type of oil that you need for your Chevy Traverse. Why the Right Oil Type is Important …

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how much does it cost to replace a traverse engine

Chevy Traverse Engine Replacement Cost [And Engine Problems]

The Chevy Traverse is a 9 seat SUV that is quite popular. The challenge has been that one of the issues it is known for is complete engine failure. When this happens, you will need to completely overhaul the engine. What is the Chevy Traverse engine replacement cost? This is the question we are going …

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Chevy Traverse

Chevy Traverse Power Steering Pump Replacement Cost

A power steering in a Chevy Traverse, like other cars, allows drivers to steer their vehicles with minimal effort while also improving steering responsiveness. It achieves this by using hydraulic or electrical mechanisms to improve the force you exert on your steering.  The power steering, however, is pressurized by a power steering pump. If the …

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chevy rst package

What is Chevy RST Package? [With Reviews and Price]

Ever wondered what the Chevy RST package is all about? Well, in this article, we are going to take a deep dive into this topic and see just what this package offers and whether this is something that’s for you or not. The pickup truck market niche is one of the most competitive in the …

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p0008 chevrolet traverse

P0008 Chevy Traverse (Meaning and Causes)

You have a problem with your car, ignoring it won’t make it go away. This is especially true when you have a p0008 chevy traverse error code. In this article, I am going to explain what the code means, its possible causes, and things you can do to get it fixed. read on! What Does …

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example of chevy rs

What Does RS Stand for Chevy (Meaning and What it Includes)

Ever wondered what RS stands for on a Chevy? Fortunately, this article will answer exactly what RS means on chevy vehicles like Cruze, Blazer, Traverse, and more, read on. The RS name first appeared in the Camaro as an appearance package. RS stands for Rally Sport and it offered a more sporty appearance on the …

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chevy snow mode

Snow Mode Chevy Traverse (What it Means & Does)

What is snow mode on a Chevy Traverse and what does it do? If you were wondering, then you should read the rest of this post which will help you understand it better. The Chevy Traverse has been described as one of those SUVs that has pleasantly surprised many, especially with how it is able …

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ctsy fuse meaning

CTSY Fuse: What it Really Means (Explained)

In the Chevy, the CTSY circuit is responsible for the car’s courtesy lighting and other related systems. The system has many associated lights and wires that are affected if the wiring has any. These issues can vary from benign to potentially dangerous. In short, The CTSY fuse is a 20A fuse that bridges the circuitry …

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