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What Does RS Stand for Chevy (Meaning and What it Includes)

Ever wondered what RS stands for on a Chevy? Fortunately, this article will answer exactly what RS means on chevy vehicles like Cruze, Blazer, Traverse, and more, read on.

The RS name first appeared in the Camaro as an appearance package. RS stands for Rally Sport and it offered a more sporty appearance on the Camaro which included spotlights and light covers. Regardless of the trim you chose, you could get this package included. The confusion started when there were some inconsistencies in applying the RS trim to other Chevy models.

What Does RS Stand for Chevy

In short, The RS badge was first introduced in the Chevy Camaro as an appearance package and means Rally Sport. In other Chevy models, it appears as either an appearance package, performance package, or trim meaning that there is no consistency in how it is applied across the board.

As you can see by the above summary, there is a serious lack of consistency when it comes to what RS stands for. The natural position would probably use the original intent behind the tag which is an appearance package but then again, it tends to just confuse people who want something else other than the Camaro.

What Does RS Stand For?

Now that we’ve established that there is a level of confusion when it comes to what RS means within the Chevy line of vehicles, let’s look at how it has been used.

  • In the Chevy Camaro, it is an appearance package
  • In Chevy Colorado, it is an appearance package
  • In the first generation  Chevy Cruze, it is an appearance package
  • In the second generation Cruze, it is a trim level
  • In the China version of the Chevy Equinox, it is a trim level
  • In Chevy Malibu, it is a trim level
  • In the Chevy Silverado 1500, it is a trim level
  • In the Chevy Sonic, it is a trim level
  • In the post-facelift Sonic, it is an appearance option
  • In the Chevy Suburban, it is an appearance package
  • In the Chevy Tahoe, it is an appearance package
  • In the  Chevy Traverse, it is a trim level
  • In the Chevy Trailblazer, it is a trim level

What Does the RS Package Include?

Based on what we’ve just looked at, it is not explicitly clear what RS means within the Chevy line of vehicles. What we will do though, is try to draw some common traits found within the RS line whether it is a trim or appearance option.

RS Appearance Option

Generally speaking, the RS appearance package offers a sportier look across most of the models it is found on. With the emphasis on rally racing cars, the appearance of the vehicles that have this package somewhat resembles that look and feel through the more recent models have slowly drifted away from that emphasis.

Another common trait of the appearance package is the vehicle interior which often includes leather seats and other finishing. They are slightly more luxurious as well.

RS Trim

When it comes to the trim through, there is a bit more diversity in terms of where this particular name tag goes. While some trims have a sporty look, some do not. While others have leather seats and luxurious interiors, others have cloth finishes.

If you are in the market for an RS trim or performance package, it’s best to do some research first before deciding on the one you want. As you can clearly see, the RS tag will mean different things depending on the Chevy vehicle you are looking at.

Does RS Offer Sports Performance?

As far as engine performance and power is concerned, there really isn’t anything that makes the RS stand out regardless of the model you end up choosing. If you are going for performance, the SS trim within some Chevy models such as the Camaro would be your best bet. For now and for the foreseeable future, the RS badge will only be for the appearance option and mostly base-level trims.

Conclusion on Chevrolet RS Meaning

I started off this article with the assertion that there is a bit of confusion when it comes to what RS means in the Chevy line of vehicles. Just as I’ve made that clear, I also hope that we’ve brought some clarity to the matter overall.

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