Chevy Silverado

silverado lt vs ls

Chevy Silverado LS vs LT

Are you considering getting a Chevy Silverado and want to know the difference between the different trims? In this article we will be doing a Chevy Silverado LS vs LT comparison to establish the differences between the 2 options and the associated pros and cons of each model. The Silverado is one of the iconic …

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double cab vs crew cab

Chevy Silverado Double Cab vs Crew Cab

After a weekend tailgating with the family, I have been considering upgrading to a Chevy Silverado. The performance, look and feel of it, make for an attractive proposition. The choice I have been hanging on is whether to spring for the Double Cab or the Crew cab, so I did some digging. The primary consideration …

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Chevy Infotainment 3 Plus vs Premium

Chevy Infotainment 3 Plus vs Premium

An interesting thing that I have discovered over the years is how we have become more connected with our vehicles. Driving home while listening to music via the Bluetooth connection or following the Navigation system as it guides us to our destination. This got me wanting to find out more about Chevy’s Infotainment 3 plus …

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chevrolet silverado towing package

How to Tell if Silverado has Tow Package? (Explained!)

Do you own a Silverado and wondering whether or not it has a tow package? In this post, we will be looking at how to tell if a Silverado has a tow package. Before we get to the business of how to tell if the Silverado has a tow package, let us break it down …

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v6 vs v8 chevy silverado

Silverado v6 vs v8 (Which Chevy Engine is the Best)

Since the Chevy Silverado move from being a trim of the C/K to being its own standard along with model, the engines for the Silverado have been the V6 vs V8. This has always been a long-standing rivalry for fans of the brand. We will be looking into the merits of each engine, the success …

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5.3 liter chevy engine problems

5.3 Liter Chevy Engine Problems (Explained!)

Chevrolet 5.3L V8 is the most reliable due to its longevity and trustworthiness. But that does not mean the engine is invincible to problems. It will experience some issues after a couple of years, depending on the frequency of usage. So, what are the 5.3 liter Chevy common engine problems? 5.3 Liter Chevy Common Engine …

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z71 package worth it

Is Z71 Package Worth It? [Things to Know]

Most people have started to appreciate off-road activities with time. It is the reason behind the gradual increase in the demand for pickups or trucks in the market today. Some have also opted to modify and upgrade their trucks for better performance during off-road activities. Z71 is an off-road suspension package ideal for modifying trucks …

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chevy silverado vs avalanche

Chevy Avalanche vs Silverado [Which One is Better?]

Off-road activities are gaining recognition and acceptance with time. More people are appreciating the value of owning an off-road Chevrolet truck. These trucks have a robust design to endure rough terrains and road conditions. Chevy Avalanche and Silverado are the most popular trucks in the market today. These trucks have some close similarities that make …

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Active Fuel Management

Chevy AFM Problem Years [Explained!]

I have been obsessed with Chevy trucks since I started off-road activities. These rug trucks can handle any terrain and road conditions without experiencing a problem. Thanks to the general motors for producing the best trucks in the market. But the introduction of the Active Fuel Management System (AFM) has posed many challenges for Chevy …

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