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How to Tell if Silverado has Tow Package? (Explained!)

Do you own a Silverado and wondering whether or not it has a tow package? In this post, we will be looking at how to tell if a Silverado has a tow package.

Before we get to the business of how to tell if the Silverado has a tow package, let us break it down to knowing first what the tow package is, what is included in the tow package and get to answer the question at hand when we have that background.

How to Tell if Silverado has Tow Package?

In short, under the options on the window sticker will be ‘maximum trailering package. Alternatively you can look for the RPO code NHT inside the glovebox. If the car is preowned and these elements are missing, you can just copy the VIN of the car and check with the build sheet.

What is a Chevy Silverado tow package?

A tow package is not just simply the tow hitch. It includes other component elements. The tow hitch can be a ball or receiver hitch that is connected to the frame members.

A receiver hitch is a square tube that accepts a ball which is then held in place with a hitch pin. The ball and hitch size are determined by the load to be carried. Included in a tow package are the electric wires that allow you to connect to the trailer and the vehicle’s lighting system.

This consists of a connecter that translates the braking or turn signalling information to the trailer’s lighting system, often present in heavier vehicles. For a vehicle with this package, the suspension and brakes are upgraded to facilitate and handle the extra strain from the trailer.

The transmission is also put through a lot when towing, the case is more pronounced when the car has an automatic transmission. This tends to heat it up badly.

To cool the transmission fluid for vehicles with a towing package another attachment passes through the radiator cooling it off and allowing for fewer transmission issues as well as facilitating an easier haulage experience.

As the wheels need more force when operating with heavier loads it makes sense that there are modifications to the transmission gearing.

It, therefore, follows that a higher gearing ratio will give more torque to the driving wheels while reducing wear and tear on the engine and its transmission. A vehicle that is fitted with a tow package will have considerably better fuel efficiency than if it did not. In addition, having a tow package will increase the longevity and reliability of the truck as well.

What is Included in a Tow Package?

  • The tow hitch
  • The electrical connection
  • The upgraded brakes and suspension
  • Modified/ Adapted Transmission Cooling
  • Upgrade Drive train

These elements will give away if your vehicle has a tow package but only if the vehicle came from the manufacturer with them.

Which Silverado has the best tow package?

The 2021 Silverado 1500 with a maximum towing capacity of 13300lbs. The towing package for this Model is as follows:

  • · Towing hitch platform and 2-inch receiver
  • 4-pin connector
  • An automatic locking rear differential
  • a 7-wire harness with a 7-way sealed connector
  • Handling/Trailering Suspension Package
  • revised shock tuning
  • upgraded rear springs

Difference between towing and trailering package

The towing package allows the vehicle to tow anything whereas the trailering package facilitates the car’s ability to tow a trailer. The improvements on the towing package include the engine and vehicle’s electrical systems.

It is worth clarifying this point as the Silverado has an option with Max trailering packages but that would not necessarily mean the car could handle the same capacity towing something other than a trailer.

Final Thoughts

To summarise it, if you want to find out whether your Silverado has a tow package check your VIN and the build sheet or RPO codes in your glovebox.

The towing package, different from the trailering package, will allow your vehicle to tow anything with the stipulated capacity for which you need to account for your own weight.

The Silverado does have offers of trim with pretty capable tow packages if you are in the market for one. It is advisable to do your research and make sure it is the towing package that meets your requirement.


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