Silverado Center Console Swap (Can You Change It?)

In this article, we will be looking into this question to establish if this can be done and if so, how to do it. Firstly, let’s look at why you would want to do this in the first place. Well, there are several reasons for doing a center console swap on a Silverado. This can be to add extra storage space in your car. It could also be to have a place to put your beverages as you drive or you simply have a need for an armrest.

Can You Change Center Console in Chevy Silverado?

In short, yes, you can swap out the center console in a Chevy Silverado. The process can be done as a DIY project where you need a basic set of tools, the right replacement console for your year of Silverado, and about 2 hours of work time.

Considerations Before Swapping Centre Console in a Chevy Silverado

The first consideration is the type of center console you want to put in. There are basically 2 types. The older consoles consist of a 2 part assembly. One sits just under the dash section where the power outlets and cigarette lighter is and will be installed first in the installation process.

The other section extends from where the first section ends and goes all the way between the seats ending flush with the back part on the front seats.

The other option you have is a single unified console. This is just one unit that starts from under the dash and ends flush with the front seats. This unit Is what is installed in the newer Silverados. If you want to install this unit in a pre-2007 Silverado, you will have to replace a lot more components.

This means that the bottom part of the full dash section has to be removed and replaced on both the driver and passenger sides. Naturally, it means that the cost element increases. Ultimately it boils down to whether you are mostly concerned about looks or function and what you can afford.

What You Need to Swap a Centre Console in a Chevy Silverado

Now, what do you need at hand in order to swap out a center console in a Chevy Silverado? As mentioned earlier, you need to have the replacement console ready and at hand. Next, you need your set of tools to get the job done. Here is a list of the things you will need in your possession:

  • 11mm socket and wench
  • 15mm socket and wrench
  • T50 Torx bit
  • A small pick Once you have these things in place, you are ready to get the job done. Now, let’s look at the steps you need to take.

How to remove Chevy Silverado Center Console?

The first thing you will need to do is remove both the driver and passenger side seats. To do this, you first need to locate the nuts that bolt the seats in.

You can access these by sliding your seat back for the front nuts then sliding the seat forward to access the rear nuts. Use the relevant nuts and wrench to remove these on both ends. You may find it more convenient to tilt the seat forward in order to access the nuts on the back section.

Once the nuts are loosened, remove the seats and place them outside your Silverado. Remove the existing center section as well. The next step is to remove the tray that is directly under the instrument panel.

This space is going to be occupied by the first part of a 2 section console. If you are doing a single construct unit, you will also need to remove the bottom dash section on the driver and passenger side.

How Do I Install the Center Console in a Chevy Silverado?

If you are doing a 2 section installation, the first step will be to install the first section which sits directly under the control panel. It should fit in snugly without any issues. The trickier part is bolting it in.

The section where you bolt it down is located inside the panel so you will need to push in your hand through it to do it. If you have a big hand, it can be a bit of a problem.

A solution would be to use a long extension. Next, install the center section and bolt it down as well. It should sit snugly without any issue. Just make that everything is lined up then bolt it down. For a newer uni-construction console, simply install and line up everything then bolt it down. The process really isn’t that complicated.

What Model Silverado Already Has a Center Console?

If you are looking for a Silverado that already has a center console installed then the 2017 Silverado 1500 and upwards will have a center console installed and there will be no need to put in a replacement.

Conclusion on Chevrolet Silverado Center Console Swap

As you can see, it is possible to put in a center console in a Chevy Silverado and the process is really simple. It’s a DIY project that just about anyone can take on.

There is a huge aftermarket market for consoles and you need to do your research first before purchasing one for your Silverado.

Research the year of your Silverado and which console is best suited for it. Also, make sure that it matches your truck’s interior. There is a lot of information on forums that can help you make the best decision when you eventually do purchase your console.