chevy tahoe ls vs lt

Chevy Tahoe ls vs lt (Differences Between these Trim Levels)

In this post, I will be doing a Tahoe LS vs LT comparison. If you are considering getting one or the other, this post should be helpful in making you understand what you need to look at.

We will look at the similarities and differences between the two and establish whether one is necessarily better than the other. The Chevy Tahoe is a full size SUV which is regarded as one of the market’s favourite SUVs.

It can sometimes get confusing when it comes to the different options that are on offer in the market today when it comes to the different trim options available. So, what is the difference between the Tahoe LS and the LT?

In short, the core difference between Tahoe LS and LT is the fact that LT offers more in terms of interior and exterior finishing like standard leather seats and some extra bells and whistles whereas The LS is the lower trim. They both offer the same in terms of performance.

What is the difference between a Tahoe LT and LS?

The LS is a base trim level of the Tahoe. It has a lower price than the LT and comes with cloth seats as standard with the option to upgrade. The LT comes with all that the LS offers and includes leather seats on the front two rows, DVD for back seat passengers and other additional tech.

Though the LS has the option to upgrade to most of the things that the LT offers, there are some things you will not get, such as the DVD player even if you were to request an upgrade.

When it comes to the major differences that stand out between the two, these stick out:

  1. Leather Seats in the Tahoe LT
  2. DVD entertainment system in the LT
  3. Automatic Locking Differentials on the LT
  4. Better trim options on the LT
  5. Standard ultrasonic rear paring assist on the LT and optional on the LS
  6. Power Sunroof on the LT but not the LS

In short, the LT has the better interior and tech but it comes at a higher price. This does not mean that the LS is inferior though. It boasts its own set of impressive features. Naturally the LT also comes at a higher price than the LS.

Chevy Tahoe LS vs LT Engine

Both vehicles sport the same engine which is a 5.3L V 8 gas engine or an optional 3.0L Duramax Turbo Diesel. The standard 5.8L V8 engine has 355 HP and 383 pound feet torque. It is paired with a ten speed automatic transmission.

If you opt for the 3.0L Duramax Turbo diesel engine, you will get 277 HP and 460 pound feet torque from it. The engine option you end up settling for is dependent on requirements.

If you are planning on doing some towing, The Duramax has proven to be one of the best offerings from Chevy when it comes to that. On both trims, you also have the option to either for with RWD (rear wheel drive or 4×4 (four wheel drive).

 Chevy Tahoe LS vs LT Exterior

When you look at the exteriors, the two trims offer pretty much the same. The difference between the two is that the LT will have a sun roof while the LS will not.

As stated earlier on, the major differences between the two are in the interior and some features. Here is a more detailed list of some of these differences that are exclusive to the LT:

  • Inside auto dimming rear view mirror
  • Bright Still Plates
  • Power lift gate with emblem projection
  • Rear media nav package

Chevy Tahoe LS vs LT Prices

Naturally, the price of the LT will be more than the LS for obvious reasons. The base price for the Chevy Tahoe LS is $50,295 while that for the LT is $55,095. That’s a difference of $4,800 between the two trims.

The price of the LS will go up based on the optional extras you choose. Both vehicles offer a great driving experience, the same suspension and pretty much everything else considering that they are pretty much the same vehicle.

Conclusion on Chevrolet Tahoe Lt vs Ls

When you look at it, it all boils down to the needs you have as a driver of the Chevy Tahoe. If you just want the great driving experience it offers, you definitely need to consider the LS.

You pretty much get that without most of the bells and whistles. Even without them, the Tahoe LS still offers a lot. If your desire is for a more luxurious feel in the interior as well as better tech and a Bose sound system, then you would want to go with the Chevy LT.

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