removing diesel particulate filter on a duramax

Duramax DPF Delete Problems (Possible Issues Explained)

Does Duramax DPF cause any problems? Is it worth it to delete your DPF? We explore all this and more in this article. If you look upon most forums you will find people recommend that you delete your DPF system.

The interesting thing is that there really isn’t any data to back up the benefits of doing this. There are so many stories about failed sensor failure or even a DPF failure.

In fact, there are problems that could arise from deleting your DFP. The DPF has not been shown to have any negative impact on your horsepower. There are quite a number of people who believe that the 2017 – 2020 L5P

Duramax requires a bigger air intake and exhaust for greater output or more power. This is not the truth on the ground.

What tuning does is that it manipulates every important command in your engines like timing, fuel, and boost. With stock emissions equipment in place, custom tuning will make the same power.

Duramax DPF Delete Problems

Voiding Your Warranty:

When you do a DFP delete, you automatically void your warranty. Some would argue that it works itself out since your truck will have a greater life span due to the elimination of problems associated with the DFP.

There are some smaller dealerships that will tell you that deleting your DFP will not have any negative repercussions on your warranty but you need to take that with a grain of salt as they may not be completely honest with you and the only time you will find out is when you actually have a problem with your truck and they tell you that your warranty is void.

Deleting Without First Tuning:

The complete emissions system is integrated with your vehicle’s computer. When you remove it without first tuning your vehicle, your truck will get into limp mode meaning that you won’t be able to use it.

Illegal in Some Areas:

The reason that emissions equipment is put in vehicles is so that they comply with legal emissions requirements. Removing it from your vehicle through a delete means that the emissions are pushed up to illegal levels.

This makes it illegal to do a delete and you are prosecutable under the law if you do it. The only time you will be allowed to do it is if you are using your truck for offroad dragging.

What is a Duramax DPF Delete?

DPF stands for Diesel Particular Filter. This component is responsible for removing soot from the engine. It is actually built into the engine. The soot is then kept in a container that has honeycomb-shaped compartments. With time these compartments will get clogged up.

The exhaust becomes restricted and what is known as a regeneration cycle starts. In this process, diesel fuel is used to burn off the soot and force it out of the exhaust system.

A damaged DPF can be a bit costly to repair. Since a damaged DPF eventually reduces the engine’s performance, removing it (DPF delete) seems to be a logical step to take. Truck owners own trucks for their performance and improved performance is just what they need.

However, there are some issues related to a DPF delete that one needs to consider. Diesel exhaust is very oily and dirty soot.

The carbon build-up from the exhaust ends up clogging the Exhaust gas recirculationvalve, Exhaust gas recirculation valve sensors, Exhaust gas recirculation valve cooler, and DPF (diesel particulate filter).

Now here is the thing, most owners report that vehicles’ performance drops significantly because of this which means that the emissions equipment has to be cleaned or replaced. To save money, owners are opting to “delete” these components.

In a delete, the DEF system will be taken out and the catalytic converter and the DPF will be removed then a new exhaust will be installed.

A tuner will be used to reprogram the Car engine control unit. The tuner serves the purpose of replacing the OEM software with a new program that basically controls the timing of the engine and fuel delivery.

The tuner also does the work of recalibrating the ODS System to gauge engine operating parameters. It also makes sure no codes related to emissions appear because of the missing components.

Now there are reports that the vehicle improves performance, fuel economy, and a noticeable change in torque. Deleting does in fact improve performance but we need to do tests that actually prove that deleting is better than replacing the emissions equipment.

Is It Worth Deleting a Duramax?

The big question here is whether or not deleting your Duramax is worth it in the long term. To better explain it, we will use a table to show the pros against the cons of doing a DFP delete on a Duramax.

Duramax DFP Delete ProsDuramax DFP Delete Cons
Improved vehicle reliability
Voids warranty
Better soundDeleting without tuning will put the car in limp mode
Less dirt/soot in oil
Illegal in some places
Fuel mileage improvements in pre-DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) models

Increased emissions

Benefits Of Deleting a Duramax DPF

Now, let’s look at the benefits of a DFP delete granted that it’s actually legal to do it in your area.

  • Reliability: One of the biggest reasons why people do a DFP delete is that your truck becomes a lot more reliable. The problem with the DFP system is that the recycling of exhaust emissions leads to soot being brought back into the engine leading to clogging up of airways, pistons, and even oil. This has effectively meant that the vehicles that DFP have malfunctioned more frequently and are less reliable.
  • Better Sound: A diesel engine without DFP sounds a whole lot better than one that has it.
  • Cleaner Oil For Longer: As already explained in the section on reliability, vehicles with DFP will have soot collecting in the engine and eventually the oil. This means that the oil takes on a darker color and this ultimately has a negative impact on your engine in the long term.
  • Better Fuel Economy: Now, we have said that there are no benefits of a DFP delete on fuel economy. We need to qualify this statement. This only applies if your truck has DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid). This fluid is injected into the exhaust system and helps burn away any soot that collects inside the airways. The only time you will get fuel economy benefits is when you delete a pre-DEF vehicle.

How much Does it Cost to Delete a Duramax?

If you insist on getting a DPF delete done, how much can you expect to pay for it? Here are the associated costs:

    1. Tuning – $690 to $700+
    2. New Exhaust $50
    3. PVC Reroute $50
    4. Cold Slide and Y Bridge $710
    5. Bloker Plate $15
    6. Lift Pump $600

In total, you are looking at spending in the region of $2,200 for a full delete

Conclusion on DPF Delete Problems

There you have it. These are the problems associated with a Duramax DPF delete. At the end of the day, it does not offer any real benefits. You are better served not wasting the time and resources doing it. There really isn’t any data in support of it.

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