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Chevy Equinox Eco Mode (Meaning & What it Does)

The Chevy Equinox is one of the Chevy models that has been fitted with the Eco Mode button. What exactly is the Chevy Equinox Eco Mode? I will be answering this question in this article so that you get a better understanding of what it is and how best it can help you.

In short, Eco Mode button helps you cut fuel consumption by cutting down the RPMs your vehicle produces meaning that it uses less fuel. When you activate Eco Mode, your vehicle becomes less responsive.

In a time where people are looking at cutting carbon emissions and saving a little bit of money on fuel, the Eco Mode option is proving to be popular among vehicle manufacturers and environment aware drivers.

What is Eco Mode in the Chevy Equinox?

Let’s get slightly technical and look closer at what Eco Mode is and how it affects your vehicle. Eco Mode locks the torque converter at lower speeds.

The result is that the RPMs of your vehicle become lower meaning you consume less fuel. From a practical driving viewpoint, you will notice that the response time when you press the accelerator increases.

Your vehicle will not accelerate as quickly as before. The other thing Eco Mode does is to change the transmission shift timing. All this works together in giving your greater fuel economy.

Does Eco Mode Really Save Gas?

I’ve explained the technology but does Eco Mode actually work? That’s the question we will answer next. In answering this question, let’s consider the factors that impact fuel economy.

In normal driving, driving style plays a great role. If you are a person who accelerates and brakes hard, the result is that you end up using a lot of fuel when driving. One of the benefits of the Eco Mode is that it controls how fast you can accelerate based on parameters set by the manufacturer.

If you are a “bad” driver, this is balanced out by the Eco Mode. If you are a driver that is more controlled, there may not be immediately noticeable benefits of using the Eco Mode function.

It is said that you stand to save 5% on your fuel consumption while the heavy footed driver can save up to 24%. When you look at it from the above view points, you will see that one driver stands to benefit much more than the other. To answer the question this passage seeks to answer; yes. Eco Mode does work.

Is it Bad to Leave a Chevrolet Equinox in Eco Mode?

Generally speaking, if you are using your car to commute within a city, you will benefit a lot more from Eco Mode because of the many stops and starts and no real need to accelerate fast except in certain situations.

If this describes you, you can leave your car in Eco Mode. It will not damage you car in any way. The only exception when it comes to using Eco Mode is on the highway even though you stand to make greater savings on the highway. We will explain this later on in the article.

When Should You Use Eco Mode?

You use Eco Mode when you want to save fuel. Maybe you are the heavy footed driver I described above and cannot discipline yourself to drive in a more controlled manner, you can activate Eco Mode. You will get the greatest benefits when driving within City or town limits where there will be no need for high speeds or rapid acceleration.

Now; to address the highway issue. Though it stands to reason that you will actually get the greatest benefits of Eco Mode during highway driving, just about every vehicle will save fuel during highway driving.

Unlike City driving, the highway needs you to travel at faster speeds and there is a greater need for acceleration as well. The last thing you need is throttle lag whey trying to overtake a vehicle moving at highway speed.

Conclusion on Chevy Equinox Eco Mode

Eco Mode is a great idea and definitely does improve fuel economy. The big question on a lot of minds is if the fuel savings are worth the effort. 5% does not seem like a lot but if more vehicles are fitted with it, there could be a significant impact in the future due to less pollution.

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