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example of chevy rs

What Does RS Stand for Chevy (Meaning and What it Includes)

Ever wondered what RS stands for on a Chevy? Fortunately, this article will answer exactly what RS means on chevy vehicles like Cruze, Blazer, Traverse, and more, read on. The RS name first appeared in the Camaro as an appearance package. RS stands for Rally Sport and it offered a more sporty appearance on the …

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how many miles do chevy cruze last

How Long Do Chevy Cruze Last? (Average Life Expectancy)

Suppose you are in the market to get a used or new Chevy Cruze, this is one of the important things to consider before making a purchase. There is no argument that the Chevrolet Cruze stands out from about a score of models in the compact car model. While the vehicle provides comfortable driving and …

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P0496 Chevy cruze

P0496 Chevy Cruze (Meaning, Causes & Solution)

Is your OBD-II scanner displaying a P0496 code for your vehicle? The above code, which is one of several OBD-II codes that can cause the Check Engine Light to illuminate, may not cause any driving concerns and will not jeopardize your vehicle’s safety, but it might cause engine damage if left unaddressed What does code …

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ctsy fuse meaning

CTSY Fuse: What it Really Means (Explained)

In the Chevy, the CTSY circuit is responsible for the car’s courtesy lighting and other related systems. The system has many associated lights and wires that are affected if the wiring has any. These issues can vary from benign to potentially dangerous. In short, The CTSY fuse is a 20A fuse that bridges the circuitry …

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how reliable is a chevrolet diesel

Chevy Cruze Diesel Reliability (Everything to Know)

In this article, we are going to be looking at the Chevy Cruze diesel. In particular, we are going to be looking at the Chevy Cruze Diesel reliability. Is it worth the investment? Well, by the end of this post we hope to have helped you make an informed decision. The Chevy Cruze has been …

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Chevy Infotainment 3 Plus vs Premium

Chevy Infotainment 3 Plus vs Premium

An interesting thing that I have discovered over the years is how we have become more connected with our vehicles. Driving home while listening to music via the Bluetooth connection or following the Navigation system as it guides us to our destination. This got me wanting to find out more about Chevy’s Infotainment 3 plus …

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chevy cruze best and worst years

Chevy Cruze Years to Avoid (The Worst & Top Models)

If you are on the market for a used Chevy Cruze then you might be interested in the Chevy Cruze years to avoid. In this post, we are going to be looking at this topic and help you make a decision when looking at a Used Cruze. The Chevy Cruze was a response to the …

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z71 package worth it

Is Z71 Package Worth It? [Things to Know]

Most people have started to appreciate off-road activities with time. It is the reason behind the gradual increase in the demand for pickups or trucks in the market today. Some have also opted to modify and upgrade their trucks for better performance during off-road activities. Z71 is an off-road suspension package ideal for modifying trucks …

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Active Fuel Management

Chevy AFM Problem Years [Explained!]

I have been obsessed with Chevy trucks since I started off-road activities. These rug trucks can handle any terrain and road conditions without experiencing a problem. Thanks to the general motors for producing the best trucks in the market. But the introduction of the Active Fuel Management System (AFM) has posed many challenges for Chevy …

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