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Chevy Silverado Hybrid Problems (Answered!)

In this article, we are looking at Chevy Silverado Hybrid problems. The Chevy Silverado is Chevrolet’s most popular truck by far and has a lot going for it in terms of looks, performance, and feel.

The Hybrid is a step up in this tradition of excellence and welcomes innovation in a time where there is a drive towards reducing the carbon emissions from vehicles. The Silverado Hybrid has its issues and this is a glance at what the common ones are.

The most common issues with the Silverado hybrid have to do with the engine. The check engine light tends to fail a lot, indicating an issue with the vehicle even when there isn’t one that can be found. Associated with this issue but more prevalent is excessive consumption of oil as well as a complete engine failure that will require the whole engine needing to be changed.

How does the Hybrid Silverado work?

The Hybrid is comprised of an Electrically Variable Transmission and 300-volt battery as part of its Energy Storage System. The battery has an 8-year warranty on it which amounts to about 100 000 miles. When the car’s brakes are applied the vehicle starts to generate electricity charging the battery.

The stored energy is then used to move the vehicle. The interplay between the electric system and the car’s engine is controlled by the Active Fuel Management technology.

The hybrid is made with fuel efficiency in mind and that is primarily where you see a significant outstanding performance. When it comes to city driving the Hybrid will show a significant difference in the fuel economy.

On the highway, though the fuel economy isn’t that apparent and that is due to the manner in which the system works. That is to say, city driving involves a lot more stopping than on the highway.

Common problems with the Silverado Hybrid

A problem with sensors can cause them to read the exhaust fumes that end up in the catalytic converter as containing too much carbon and therefore failing the emissions standard.

The Hybrid also has issues with its AC which can be as a result of a clogged condenser or even a defective compressor. The battery can lose power in cold weather, an issue called cold-weather power drain. And this is an issue that can be related to the car needing a replacement of its battery module.

The Hybrid also tends to consume a lot of oil this could be a result of faulty guides and seals, especially with models earlier than 2015. This is as a result of design issues involving materials used in its production. There is a disturbing sound that comes from the vehicle when it is in auto-mode or when switches to electric.

Other issues are related to poor configuring between the window and its fitting slot. The brake system causes erratic behavior from the speedometer.

Less common though is the engine completely stalling or the faulty electrical and steering systems. These issues though are not exclusive to the Silverado. You find that they are common issues in all Silverado models.

How reliable is the Hybrid Silverado?

Let’s start off by stating that the most costly repair on the Hybrid has an eight-year warranty. The rest of the can is generally very durable and reliable. Issues generally start cropping up with the vehicle well after its 100 000miles.

After eight years of use, that’s when the Silverado gets into the troubling ground as most of its parts would need replacing. The Silverado Hybrid should last you over 15 years, that is to say, more than 200 000miles.

But particular attention needs to be taken with even these hybrid models as some don’t perform to the expected level. The second generation spanning from 2009 – 2013 is one such period with cars that seem to have more complaints than any other generation.

2011 though is actually one of the more reliable hybrid models despite it being from the second generation. It has a consistently efficient fuel economy better than the non-hybrid option of about 9 miles per gallon. And does not have many complaints lodged against.


The Silverado is generally a good vehicle that will save you a lot in terms of fuel especially if you do a lot of urban driving. The Hybrid is generally very reliable and should last you a decade with frequent service and maintenance. However, the vehicle does have issues relating to engine leaks, system failures, and faulty devices. It is worth owning and is a cost-efficient option for any Silverado enthusiast.

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