how long do chevrolet silverados last

How Long do Chevy Silverados Last? [And How to Maintain it]

Key points to highlight:

  • Chevy Silverado’s longevity: Manufacturer guidelines suggest 13 to 20 years with maintenance.
  • Mileage expectation: Many owners report averages of 200,000 miles, with some exceeding 300,000 miles.
  • Common issues to look out for: Sensor malfunctions, engine/transmission problems may arise due to inadequate maintenance.
  • Maintenance regimen: Regular oil changes, filter replacements, and transmission fluid changes are essential for optimal performance and longevity.

The Chevy Silverado’s manufacturer’s guidelines state that the truck can last from 13 to 20 years with routine maintenance. That means, your Chevy Silverados can last well over 15 years with regular maintenance and proper usage.

Due to its projected longevity, Silverado is said to be among the most reliable among other trucks in its category. If you want your Silverado to last 10 years and over, carry out periodic maintenance like oil change, filter replacement, and repairs of worn-out parts.

Even if you have to make replacement of the truck’s parts during its useful years, adequate maintenance will make sure they are minimal

How many Miles can a Chevy Silverado last?

White Chevy Silverado

In short, a well-maintained Chevrolet Silverado will last 200,000 miles on average according to numerous Chevy owners. When you do as little as changing the motor’s fluid and filter replacement, there is a chance that your truck goes beyond the estimated useful life. The least you can hope to get from your Chevy Silverado is 10 years which is about 150,000 miles even without much servicing.

Without proper care, you may have issues with your transmission system especially if you tow regularly with the truck.

However, you should always change the fluid and replace the filter in your truck at recommended times to avoid issues with the transmission system. Do not forget to also visit your mechanic at the scheduled time for full truck servicing.

Is the Chevy Silverado a reliable car?

Generally, Chevy Silverado trucks are known to be reliable. Apart from their monstrous towing ability, they rank top among the best trucks in their category based on their reliability. Check out the predicted reliability score of the Chevy Silverado series by JD Power below

Silverado Model YearReliability Score

Does Chevy Silverado have problems?

Despite the high predicted liability scores allotted to Chevy Silverados, there have been several complaints by truck users. Some of the common complaints lodged against the Chevy Silverado operations most recently are;

  • Position sensor or selector switch malfunction
  • A dead battery or faulty ignition
  • Excessive oil consumption
  • Major engine issues like Engine failure
  • A problem in the transmission system
  • Engine jerking

Note that the above problems are only peculiar to some year models of the Chevy Silverado. Most of the issues are also caused by poor maintenance of the truck. For example, when you fail to change the Chevy Silverado’s transmission fluid and filter, it will affect the system and cause major issues.

Is 200k miles a lot for a Chevy Silverado?

Blue Chevy Silverado

Running for 200,000 miles should not be a problem for your Chevy Silverado. How far the truck will go depends on how well you maintain it. Even if you use the Chevy Silverado frequently for hauling, it can still give up to 200,000 miles with regular servicing according to many Chevy Silverado owners.

You need to ensure that the truck’s transmission fluid is changed periodically as recommended and all the filters and plugs are replaced. That way, you will lengthen the Chevy Silverado’s battery life and maintain a healthy transmission system.

Based on reviews from some Chevy Silverado users, you can even get up to 300,000 miles of service without any complex procedures. The key to a long-lasting vehicle is proper maintenance.

What is considered high mileage for a Chevy Silverado? Going by the testimonies of several Chevy Silverado users, the truck can run up to 400,000 miles.

However, attaining such miles from your Chevy Silverado depends on how well it is maintained. Below are ways to reach the high mileage for your Chevy Silverado;

  1. Regular transmission fluid change
  2. Replacement of the air filters
  3. Changing of transmission filters
  4. Replacement of spark plugs
  5. Replacement of the windshield wipers
  6. Going to the mechanics for full truck servicing
  7. Changing of automobile fluids in the truck like; brakes, coolant, windshield, and Steering

What is the best year model for the Chevy Silverado?

The best model of the Chevy Silverado 1500 that you can purchase and enjoy is the 2012 model. It beats the other models in the Chevy Silverado series hands down when it comes to quality and reliability.

The 2012 Silverado 1500 does not have many issues like the others and has only been recalled 4 times. Despite being created in 2012, the truck model has loads of the latest technology.

The towing capacity of the 2012 Chevy Silverado model is massive and it can run up to 300,000 miles with proper maintenance.

How do you maintain a Chevy Silverado?

Every owner of autos knows that the secret to a long-lasting vehicle is routine maintenance.

Like other truck models, the Chevy Silverado has its recommended service type and periods to carry them out. Learn how to maintain a Chevy Silverado below;

  • Every 7500 miles, carry out a routine oil change, filter replacement, and tire rotation
  • Every 22500 miles, change the cabin air filter and fuel filter
  • Every 45000 miles, change the transmission fluid and change other automobile oil.
  • Every 97500 miles, change your spark plugs
  • Every 150000 miles Swing by your Mechanic’s for a full vehicle servicing. Do not forget that some of the services overlap. For example, while doing the transmission fluid change at 45000 miles, you still need to change oil and rotate the tire. The key to proper maintenance is knowing what service is suitable for every marked mile.


In summary, the Chevy Silverado can last between 13 to 20 years with regular maintenance, and can potentially exceed 15 years in practice. Owners report an average mileage expectation of 200,000 miles, with some surpassing 300,000 miles with proper care.

Common issues like sensor malfunctions and engine/transmission problems can arise, often due to inadequate maintenance. To maximize its lifespan, regular maintenance including oil changes, filter replacements, and transmission fluid changes is important, and will ensure optimal performance for your Chevy Silverado.


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