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Chevy Volt Mountain Mode (What it Means & How to Use)

Ever wondered about Chevy Volt mountain mode? In this post, we are going to be looking into what it means and how to use it effectively so stick around. The Chevy Volt is an Electric, gasoline hybrid that offers great mileage per gallon and goes on electricity.

The way it works is by interchanging between gas and electricity and the result is that you get a greater range when you combine both. The Chevy Volt has 4 driving modes.

These are normal mode, sport mode, mountain mode, and hold mode. Since the focus of this post is on mountain mode, we will be looking primarily at that. So, what exactly is it and how does it work?

What is Mountain Mode on a Chevy Volt?

In short, Chevy Volt’s mountain mode is a mode that allows your vehicle to effortlessly navigate mountain ranges by mostly using the electric motor more than the gasoline engine. The gasoline engine kicks in when the battery goes 50% or 20% depending on the generation Volt you are driving.

Mountain Mode on a Chevy Volt is one of the 4 driving modes. As the name states, it is primarily designed to help the Chevy Volt easily navigate mountains. The Chevy Volt has 149 Horse Power.

Some people who read this figure and actually haven’t driven one may express concern regarding the ability of the Volt to tackle mountainous terrain.

The truth of the matter is that the Volt actually tackles mountains better than most vehicles. This is due to the fact that electric motors are able to generate greater power and do not necessarily need to produce high RPMs to produce sufficient amounts of torque.

In other words, power is generated immediately and on-demand. What this translates to is greater acceleration and power output even on mountainous terrain. In fact, so impressive is the Volt’s performance on inclines that it can actually easily accelerate as is it’s on flat ground.

How to Use Mountain Mode and Why You Should Use it

As already stated, the Chevy Volt has 4 driving modes. In order t access mountain mode, you simply need to navigate to it from whatever mode you are in. The default driving mode is normal and it will revert to this every time you switch off your engine.

Normal mode is the most efficient when it comes to mileage per gallon as well as electric charge. Just like in any other vehicle with the mode, sport adds extra power for less effort on the accelerator.

Naturally, you would use more power and gas for that. The next mode is mountain mode. The way mountain mode works is that you need to activate it at least 20 miles before reaching the mountain range.

This will allow the battery to build up a sufficient charge so that it will be ready to tackle the mountains. In this mode, you will burn slightly more gas as more power is diverted to both the gasoline engine as well as the electric motor.

How to Charge the Battery Using Mountain mode

I’ve already mentioned how switching to mountain mode will charge your battery in preparation for the task ahead. Mountain mode can also be used primarily to build the charge in your battery. Though this is not the official us for it, it’s a handy way to charge your battery if you do not have access to a charging port.

The Chevy Volt will not charge on power outlets that are not grounded. You may find yourself in this situation and you are far from home. You can simply use mountain mode to build up the charge of your Chevrolet Volt battery. Some argue that this is pointless as it uses up more gas.

The good thing about it is that the battery gives you more range when it is charged as you are able to get an additional 53 miles just on the battery alone. In essence, you can go an extra 53 miles on an empty tank.

Conclusion on Chevy Volt Mountain Mode

As technology advances, GM and Chevrolet are constantly seeking ways to improve on their vehicles with features that are both convenient and efficient and mountain mode is one of many.

So, there you have it. That’s Chevy’s Volt’s mountain mode explained. I believe you now have a better understanding of it and how to use it properly.