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Chevy Check Engine Light Flashing then Stops [Here’s Why]

Key Points to Highlight:

  • When your Chevy engine light flashes and then stops, your car runs some diagnostics of every system on the car. Some components of the various systems take longer than others to initiate, and therefore, the light will flash and then eventually stop after several driving cycles.
  • The intensity of the check engine light, whether constantly on, flashing slowly, or rapidly flashing, indicates the urgency of the problem.
  • Engine misfiring, indicated by shaking and a flashing check engine light, requires immediate attention to prevent further damage and costly repairs.

Have you had an issue with your Chevy check engine light flashing and then stopping? In this article, we are going to be looking into this topic to help you understand what it means when this happens and if you need to take any corrective action.

The check engine light is a message that needs to be heeded at any time it appears on your dash panel. It’s a way for your car’s onboard diagnostics to tell you that something in the engine needs attention.

There are various levels at which this sign shows up, though:

  • The first is when it is constantly on, which is described as a soft or low-level issue.
  • The second level is when it flashes on and off at a slow rate. This is described as an intermediate problem that does not necessarily need to be attended to immediately.
  • The third level is when the light flickers rapidly. When this happens, it indicates a serious issue that needs to be handled with immediate effect. You need to park your Chevy and call in a tow truck.

What does it mean when the check engine light flashes and stops, though?

Why is my Chevy Check Engine Light Flashing then Stops?

Engine light is on on the car dashboard

This is the question that this article seeks to answer, and we will look into this next.

The check engine light on your Chevy will flash 10 times and then stop when either of your emission systems is not ready. Your car checks all of the systems as you drive and when the emissions systems are not fully ready, the light will flash and then eventually stop after several driving cycles.

When the diagnostics encounter a component that has not yet been initiated, it can show up as faulty, causing a temporary activation of the error message. In this particular case, it will be showing that one or more of the emission systems is not yet ready.

A Faulty Spark Plug

An automobile spark plug

There are multiple reasons why your Chevy Check Engine’s light is flashing, but the most overlooked reason is faulty spark plugs. It is less common to occur than an incomplete diagnostic cycle. A faulty spark plug could be a major culprit behind a flashing check engine light that eventually stops. 

Spark plugs are responsible for igniting the air-fuel mixture within each engine cylinder. Over time, spark plugs can wear down due to normal use or become fouled by deposits from oil or low-quality fuel. A faulty spark plug might not deliver a strong enough spark, leading to misfires where a cylinder doesn’t combust fuel properly. 

This misfire can cause the engine to run rough, shake, and lose power. In some cases, the car’s computer system might detect the misfire and trigger a flashing check engine light as a warning. 

However, if the misfire is intermittent or minor, the computer might be able to compensate, and the light might turn off after a short period. If you suspect a faulty spark plug, especially if the flashing light is accompanied by engine shaking or performance issues, it’s crucial to have your Chevy inspected by a mechanic. 

They can diagnose the problem and replace any faulty spark plugs to ensure smooth engine operation and optimal fuel efficiency.

What Does it Mean When My Check Engine Light Flashes Continuously?

There are several reasons why this may happen. We will look into these reasons in this section of the post to establish what you need to look at and how you can possibly fix the issue.

Here are the three main ways the check engine light can appear, each indicating a different level of urgency:

  • 217346208.Constantly On: This is a sign to have your engine checked by a mechanic, but it’s not usually an emergency. Schedule a visit to address the issue within a reasonable timeframe.
  • 217347728.Flashing Slowly: This indicates an intermediate-level issue that needs attention, but it’s not an emergency. When you see this and the constantly on check engine light, it means that you need to drive to the nearest mechanic so that it is properly diagnosed and fixed.
  • 217347729.Rapidly Flashing: This is a high-level warning sign. Immediately stop your vehicle and have it towed to a shop for immediate inspection and repair.

Why is my Car Shaking and Check Engine Light Flashing?

Another situation that you may encounter is one where the car is shaking, and the check engine light is flashing. When you experience this, it’s an indication that your engine is misfiring. Misfiring is when one of the pistons is not firing, meaning that the combustion of air and fuel is not taking place.

This results in unburned fuel being dumped into the exhaust system and an increase in hydrocarbon emissions. When not taken care of quickly, misfiring can lead to major and costly engine damage. Bad spark plugs will also cause the check engine lights to flash as well.

These may also be the cause of your engine misfiring and should be inspected when you see the check engine light start flashing.


There are several reasons why you will get the check engine light to start flashing. While a flashing light may cause concern, the severity of the issue varies. You need to be able to observe whether it is an actual issue with the engine or a diagnostic process that your car is going through in order to take the correct course of action.

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