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How Long Does a Chevy Cobalt Last? (Average Miles)

Produced in 2004 with a coupe and sedan version the Chevy Cobalt is Chevrolet’s compact car. It lasted two generations with the second generation starting in 2011. If you are in the market for one your question would be, how long the Chevy Cobalt lasts?

In short, When maintained well, a Chevy Cobalt can last between 200k to 250k miles or about 13 years. Common problems in the model can prevent it from reaching these mileages.

The Chevy Cobalt that has a good maintenance report and gets any issues fixed in time can last the owner until well over 200k miles. At an average of 15k miles a year, it comes down to over 13 years of use. GM says the car can do 250k before needing any major overhaul.

Chevy Cobalt Common Problems

There are faulty fuel injectors in the 2.4L engine, which could cause the check engine light to switch on. If the matter pops up it is worth replacing all four fuel injectors and reprogramming the PCM.

The ignition key can get stuck because of an issue with the microswitch inside the shifter mechanism. The micro switch is responsible for sending a signal when the transmission is in the park.

The solution to this problem is the replacement of the whole shifter assembly. A problem with the ignition lock cylinder itself also can cause the ignition key to be stuck meaning the ignition lock cylinder will need replacing.

The electrical power steering issues did result in a recall in 2010 for which GM addressed the issues however there are still some complaints about it here and there. If you can make these replacements to your Cobalt you should be able to increase its longevity a little more.

It would be advisable to avoid years 2005 to 2008 as they have the most problematic versions with problems that range from power steering failure, a transmission that grinds when shifting and the key getting stuck.

Repair Costs

In the unfortunate case where the car ends up in need of repair, the Cobalt is one of the cheapest fixes there is. The key sticking issue, which surfaces around 60k miles cost around $300 to repair.

The Power Steering failure and Grinding transmission issues cost around $1000 and $2600 respectively. Also considering this is still within warranty it does make it, even more, cost-efficient.

Is Chevy Cobalt a Reliable Car?

The cobalt is an average vehicle with no truly stand out quality neither does it have any glaring faults. It is a mediocre vehicle and that in itself shows its reliability.

The 2009 2.2-litre automatic Chevy Cobalt has an average fuel efficiency of 27 mpg. It can do more than 300 miles on 13 gallons. The Cobalt handles well and packs a lot of power in the 2.2L or 2.4L engine for its size. The cabin rides comfortably and relatively quietly. It has a large trunk, a good engine and comes at an affordable price.

Chevrolet Maintenance Pointers

  • Clean and wax it every 3 – 4 months as the wax protects the paint.
  • Change the oil on a regular basis making sure the oil life monitor resets.
  • As moisture can cause corrosion to make sure the inside of the cabin is kept dry
  • Lubricate windows with silicone spray lubricant This should help the car looks good and drives comfort throughout its 13 + year lifespan.
  • Do Vehicle service and inspection on Time

More Reliable Chevy Cobalt

This title has to go to the one that combines all elements that make the Cobalt desirable but turns up the performance and that is the Cobalt SS. It boasts a 2.0L engine that can turn out 260 horsepower to the front wheels, doing 0 to 60 mph in a whopping 5.5 seconds.

The interior is nothing to write home about but it makes efficient use of space and looks good for a budget sports car. It also holds the record for its era for completing the Nurburgring in the fastest time of any front-wheel-drive production car. And with its simple four-cylinder engine and low repair costs, this Cobalt can easily last you 200k – 300k miles.

Conclusion on How Many Miles can a Chevy Cobalt Last

The Chevrolet Cobalt is a simple and affordable compact vehicle. If maintained well and with frequent checks, oil changes can last very long, 13 years at least. It is a car that is reliable enough to be given to a teen as a starter car. It offers great value for money and in some trims will even surprise you.


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