where is the chevy silverado built

Where is the Chevy Silverado Made? (Are They Really American?)

It is one of the most recognizable American automobiles on the market today but where exactly are Silverados made? The Chevrolet Silverado is an iconic American truck and has been quite popular for a while now. It is designed with beautiful lines and angles that make up the exterior In the amazing interior provides both comfort and a luxurious ride. With such top-of-the-line engineering.

In short, The Chevrolet Silverado is considered an American-made vehicle. This simply means that the vehicle has more than 50% of its constituent parts made in America. And with 61% made in the USA or Canada, it is proudly American.

There are different cab stylings for the Silverado 1500 and production is split based on this. The two plants that handle this job are GM Fort Wayne based in Indiana GM Silao plant which is located in Mexico.

The Chevy Silverado HD (2500HD, 3500HD) is produced in Michigan at the GM Flint plant. The Medium Duty Chevy Silverado is built in Springfield, Ohio.

Which is not a GM facility, but rather one owned by Navistar. The Silverado MD came into production through a collaborated effort with General Motors, the design being based on an earlier version of the Chevrolet Silverado.

Chevy Silverado Manufacturing Plants

Here is a list of the different places where the Chevy Silverado is made:

Flint, Michigan

The Chevy Silverado is made in the home of the great lakes, which is ironic considering what it is known for in recent history. The industry started taking as early as the mid-20th century and has maintained productivity since then.

GM has invested over $900 million in 2016, for the Flint Truck Assembly complex. It has spent an additional $2.8 billion on the complex since 2009. Chevy’s very first factory located at the corner of Wilcox and Kearsley Street in Flint, Michigan, now known as “Chevy Commons”

Fort Wayne Assembly

This plant is located in Roanoke Indiana. It was commissioned in 1982 by GM. It focuses on producing primarily the double cab and crew cab options.

The facilities have 2 body shops, a paint shop, a general assembly, and a sequencing center. The plant at Fort Wayne produces the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500 pickup trucks and despite instances of component shortages (microchips), production does continue.

GM Silao plant in Mexico

This particular plant is located in Silao city in Guanajuato, Mexico. It is responsible for producing full-sized Chevy and GMC trucks. It also produces propulsion systems.

The plant was first opened in 1996 at a size of 246 hectares (26.5 million square feet) The facilities include a Propulsion Systems Assembly and a Vehicle Assembly.

According to the site gmauthority.com, the complex produces the following vehicles: The Silao plant has specialized its production to the Silverado and the Cheyenne with the trim levels being the LTZ and the High Country.

GMC Sierra

Propulsion Systems Assembly

V-8 engines, including:

  • 6.2L supercharged
  • 6.2L
  • 6.0L
  • 5.3L
  • 4.8L

Transmissions for rear-wheel-drive vehicles, including:

  • 8-speed 8L45 and 8L90
  • 6-speed 6L45 and 6L80

Recently the GM factories in Mexico have come under scrutiny because of their treatment of workers. The government has stepped in to assist with negotiation between GM and the worker’s unions.

Navistar, Springfield, Ohio

The Chevrolet Silverado Medium Duty is a commercial truck. It was jointly developed by GM and Navistar. Powered by the 6.6L LSD V8 Duramax, it borrows some features from the old Silverado Cab.

Conclusion on where are chevy Silverados are Built

The Chevy Silverado comes in many shapes and sizes assembled all over the American continent from Mexico to Canada. With components coming from all corners of the globe including Asia and Europe.

To bring about the vision that is the Silverado takes a global effort and while that is the case the home and birthplace of this particular Chevy will always be the USA.

Chevrolet is one of the top employers of Americans in the automotive industry and remains a top contender in the production of American-made cars.

Factor in also parent company GM and its other subsidiaries and you find that the operations do have a patriotic twist to their business. Though operations are spread out all over the world with a presence is The US, Mexico as well as Asia, Chevy, and by extension GM, are very much an American brand with an American identity.

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