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Service Traction Control Chevy Cruze (What it Means)

What does service traction control on a Chevy Cruze mean? If that’s the question you seek to have answered then you are definitely in the right place. In this post, we will be looking into this topic and hopefully give you a satisfactory answer at the end of the day.

I’ll admit that the lights on a car’s dash can be confusing sometimes but one thing that is certain is that you need to understand what they mean so that you deal with them accordingly. In this post, I aim to help you understand what the “service traction control light means and how to respond to it.

What Does it Mean When my Chevy Cruze Says Service Traction Control?

In short service traction control on your chevy means that your traction control is not working properly and thereby not giving your vehicle the necessary traction. As the error message indicates, you need to service traction control to ensure that it works as it should whenever it is called upon.

It may also indicate that your car has faulty wires and sensors. As soon as you see this light on and you are not on a slippery road you may need to make an appointment at the repair shop as soon as you can.

The computer system in your car exists to monitor all the functions in your car and make sure they are working the way they should be.

If something is faulty or something goes wrong the computer will give you an alert via your dashboard. For example, your dashboard can light up the check engine light.

Your technician is trained to read what the codes generated by the vehicle’s computer mean and proceed to fix the issue where attention is needed. The traction control light is another such light that displays on your dashboard. There are a few issues that can cause that light to be on. Most of these issues can be resolved by a reliable technician.

What is Traction Control?

What is the meaning of “traction control”? The traction control light indicates that your car is working as it should maintain traction on slippery surfaces. Traction control works by transferring power to the vehicle wheels that are on the ground whenever one or more encounter a slippery surface and begin to roll.

This function allows your Chevy Cruze to maintain traction on wet, icy, or snow-covered roads or if you are driving in muddy conditions. Traction control is engaged at intervals as and when it is needed.

Whenever it is engaged, the traction control light will come on and switch off as soon as it’s no longer needed. If you are driving on a slippery road, for example, it is normal for the traction control light to flash on and off.

What Causes Traction Control to Malfunction on a Chevy Cruze?

For traction control to function as it should, there are sensors located on each wheel that give feedback to the traction control system enabling it to determine which wheels it should transfer power to.

Unfortunately, these sensors are partly exposed to the elements meaning that they can be impeded by mud dust, water, and other things. When this happens, they won’t be able to transmit accurate information leading to traction control failure.

I’ve already talked about this but one of the other things that may happen is that the wires between the sensors and the traction control system might be damaged leading to the inability to transmit any readings.

What to Do when Your Chevrolet Cruze Says Service Traction Control?

When rectifying any traction control issue, you need to check the lines of communication between the sensors and the traction control system.

The first thing you do is check the wires to see whether there is any damage to them. Next, check and make sure that there is no dirt or grime on the sensors and that they are firmly in place.

Clean out any dirt and grime you may find then test drive the car. This process should take care of the problem immediately. You may find that your traction control begins to work properly but the service traction control light remains on. Let’s look at how you can fix this.

How Do You Reset Service Traction Control?

After fixing the traction control on your Chevy Cruze, you may need to reset your traction control. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Switch off your engine and turn the key all the way to off
  2. Wait for up to 30 seconds
  3. Turn your key to the ‘ON” position

That’s it. If everything is in order, the “service traction control light” should have been switched off. If it’s still on, you might need to have an auto mechanic look at it.

Conclusion on chevy Cruze service traction control

Traction control on a Chevy Cruze is one of the things that gives it that extra edge when it comes to overall driving experience and safety. Understanding what it means when the TC light comes on is the difference between knowing whether your Traction control is functioning properly or there is a problem.