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Service Brake Assist Chevy Impala (What does it Mean?)

The fact that you are reading this article is sufficient evidence that you are researching what service brake assist on a Chevy Impala is. Well, you are in the right place, and in this post, we will explore the different aspects that concern this issue.

We are going to take a look at what brake assist is and why you need to have it looked at when you get the warning light to service brake assist in your Chevy Impala. As we tackle this question, let’s look at a short summary of the answer that this article will answer.

What Does it Mean When it Says Service Brake Assist?

In short, Brake assists on your Chevy Impala serves the purpose of supplying high-pressure brake fluid that provides extra force to your braking system allowing your car to have a shorter braking distance.

Brake assist can either be manual which augments the braking pressure your foot supplies or electronic which works in conjunction with sensors and radar allowing your car to apply the brakes without any effort on your part.

What is Brake Assist?

Brake Assist was first introduced in the 1990s by Mercedes Benz in their vehicles from that error. It worked in conjunction with ABS (anti-lock braking system) to apply additional braking capacity in emergency situations.

It works by pumping extra brake fluid to the brake pads allowing them to produce more pressure than what your foot provides allowing your vehicle to come to an immediate stop within a shorter distance.

You will most likely not recognize any difference when manual brake assist is engaged in your Chevy Impala but the braking distance is definitely decreased causing your car to come to an immediate stop much faster.

Though it was new technology only found in Mercedes Benz vehicles, brake assist has now become standard on a lot of vehicles.

Newer vehicles utilize an electronic or automatic brake system that works with sensors and radar on your vehicle. These detect any stationery or moving vehicles around yours.

When a vehicle encroached into your path, brake assist is engaged causing your vehicle to stop or, in the more sophisticated ones take evasive action accordingly.

Tesla and the latest Mercedes Benz vehicles immediately come to mind. They will brake, swerve and in some cases switch off the engine all in an effort to keep you from hitting any obstacle. Since we are focused on the Chevy Impala in this post, the electronic brake assist option is not currently available.

Service Brake Assist Chevy Impala Meaning

When you see the service brake assist light on your dash, it’s a cue for you to get your brake assist sorted. It’s an early warning sign indicating that it’s in need of attention. There are several causes for this phenomenon.

Take your car to a trained mechanic so that they have a look at it and fix the issue. Your brakes will most likely still work but you will lose the extra power that brake assist provides to your brakes. Let’s tackle this a little further.

Do You Need Brake Assist?

I mentioned earlier in this article that you will not really notice brake assist in action. What you will notice, however, is if your brake assists malfunctions.

The added brake pressure that it provides will suddenly be lost and the result is a noticeable increase in the braking system. In principle, you do not need brake assist.

You can still drive your vehicle fine without it. It simply means that you need to adjust your driving habits accordingly to compensate for any loss of brake pressure. It will feel like you are driving a pre 90s vehicle instead of a modern Chevy Impala.

How Do You Reset Brake Assist?

Sometimes the brake assist on your Chevy Impala may die and you need to repair it. There are several possible reasons why this can happen and you need to first diagnose what the actual issue is then fixed it.

Once you fix it though, you may sometimes have a situation where the warning light remains on even after the problem has been solved. One of the things you need to do is reset the ABS system.

This is because, as we mentioned earlier in this post, Brake Assist works with ABS. You can do this by removing the battery terminals and allowing the remaining charge in the computer to drain.

This allows the computer to reset and you should no longer see the warning light again. If this fails to reset it, you will need to have a trained professional look at it. They will have the right equipment to diagnose the problem properly as well as fix it.


Brake Assist is a key safety feature that has become a part of many vehicles today including the Chevy Impala. Though it’s not 100% necessary, it’s a key part of your car’s safety features. When you see the error message appear, you need to look into it immediately.

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