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How Many Blend Door Actuators are in Chevrolet Silverado? (Explained)

How many blend door actuators does a Chevy Silverado have? In this article, we will be exploring this issue. A blend door actuator is responsible for controlling the flow and temperature of the air in your Silverados HVAC system.

When it fails, your air conditioning system may stay stuck on hot or cold air without the ability to change it or it may cease to work altogether. How many blend door actuators does a Chevrolet Silverado have though?

In short, The Silverado has 2 blend door actuators. One is located under the dash on the driver’s side while the other is just above the foot panel on the passenger side.

Is there More than One Blend Door Actuator?

The number of blend door actuators will vary depending on the vehicle’s make and model. Most vehicles will have one, two, or more blend door actuators installed in them. The number of actuators depends on the design of the vehicle.

Vehicles that have multi-zone climate control where back seat passengers, for example, can control their own climate will have several actuators depending on how many zones there are. Since we are looking at a Chevy Silverado, the number of actuators is two.

To access either of them, you will need to remove the dash panel on the driver’s side of the truck. The other actuator is located on the underside of the dash on the passenger side.

To access it, you will need to remove the panel that covers it. It involves removing four bolts. To access the actuator, you will only need to remove three of the bolts. This allows you to access the actuator with relative ease.

What Does a Blend Door Actuator Look Like?

The blend door actuator is a small plastic that will have three screw/bolt holes on it that locks it in place as well as wire connectors that control current to and from it as well as another that links to the vehicle’s computer.

When it is fully functional, the blend door actuator regulates the air that is blown through the vehicle’s AC based on the user’s preferences. When it dies, this function will no longer operate as it is designed to.

How Do I Know the Blend Door Actuator is Bad?

One of the clear signs of a blend door actuator failure is when the HVAC system does not respond to your input. This can manifest as your system continuously blowing hot or cold air despite the setting you select.

In rare instances, it may shut down altogether. Another way that you can recognize a bad blend door actuator is by clicking or droning sound from under the dash. In cases where you have more than one actuator, you can follow this sound to establish which one of them needs to be fixed or replaced.

How Do I Reset my Chevy Blend Door Actuator?

When you replace your blend door actuator, you may need to reset it in some instances. Once you have replaced the faulty actuator and secured everything in place, the next thing you need to do is reset it.

The first step you need to take is to start the engine and let it run for up to two minutes. Switch off the engine and wait 30 seconds. Start the engine again and the reset is complete. Make sure though that as you do the reset, you should not touch any of the HVAC controls.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Blend Door Actuator?

The price of replacing one of these units will range anywhere between $30 and $400 depending on the brand. Lower quality actuators will usually cost less and the best ones will cost more. However, there are options in the $30 bracket that are actually great quality. You can do some research on brands in online forums. Ask which options work best for other people then consider getting those.

Conclusion on Chevy Silverado Door Actuator

Your modern Chevy Silverado will have two blend door actuators. The first is located under the dash on the driver’s side just above the pedals while the other is located under the same position on the passenger side. For the most part, blend door actuator issues are easy to solve and inexpensive if you do your research.

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