Cruze AC Off Due to High Engine Temp

Chevy Cruze AC Off Due to High Engine Temp (Meaning Explained)

The Chevy Cruze is one of the most popular cars on the road. It’s a great vehicle that can take you from point A to point B and beyond. But there are times when those high temperatures get in the way, like when it’s hot outside and your Chevy Cruze AC is off due to high engine temp. So let’s dive into this issue, why it happens, what you can do about it and how fast you can cool down your car.

Why is your Chevy Cruze saying AC Off Due to High Engine Temp?

There are several causes for the “AC off due to high temperature” message showing up on your dash. These include:

  • Your engine temperature is too high.
  • Your engine cooling system is not working properly.
  • The engine cooling fan is not working properly.
  • The thermostat may be faulty and needs to be replaced.

Any one of these can cause overheating in your Chevy Cruze, especially in hot weather or when driving uphill on highways with a lot of traffic (because the car will have to work harder).

If you notice that the temperature gauge on your dashboard rises above normal levels when you stop at a traffic light while driving up a steep hill, this could indicate that your thermostat has failed and needs to be replaced as soon as possible before extensive damage occurs.

If you think this might be your problem, then try turning off accessories such as air conditioning and electric windows/mirrors first since these may contribute towards higher temperatures inside your vehicle. The next thing we’ll try would be replacing our coolant. The levels may be low and need topping up.

If this solution does not work, you will need to replace the coolant level sensor along with removing some old hoses and check for leaks.

If you find leaks, the best course of action would be to replace them. Only repair when it’s absolutely necessary. Leaking hoses will usually be in an advanced state of disintegration and repairing one section will only lead to another section cracking and developing a leak. Also, make sure to check for rusty hose connectors and replace those as well.

What Temp Should Chevy Cruze Run At?

The engine should be running at 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll want to check it in the morning before you drive the car and again when it’s been sitting for over an hour. The best time to check it is after driving for 30 minutes. You are more likely to get an accurate reading in such a case.

How Do You Know if your Chevy Cruze Thermostat is Bad?

To determine whether your Chevy Cruze thermostat is bad, you’ll want to check the coolant level and the radiator cap. If either of these two things is fine, it could be a sign that your thermostat has failed.

If the coolant level is low, make sure that you add more coolant before continuing with this test. Once you’ve added coolant and topped off your fluid levels, start up the engine for about 15 minutes at an idle this will let it get up to operating temperature more quickly and accurately test whether or not there’s a problem in either area.

If everything seems okay after running this quick test, there may still be bigger issues with other components in your car’s cooling system you should have them checked out by a professional mechanic before moving forward with any repairs yourself!

What Should You Do if your Cruze Temperature is High?

If your car is overheating, you should try to find a shady spot to park. Turn off accessories such as the radio and lights. If you are stuck in traffic, turn off the A/C and run the car at a lower speed until it cools down.

What is the Fastest Way to Cool Down a Car Engine?

The fastest way to cool down a car engine is to:

  • Turn off the car and open the hood.
  • Let it cool down for at least 15 minutes.
  • Check the thermostat, cooling system, radiator cap, and fan belt.
  • If you’re still having trouble after this, check your hoses and radiator as well.


When you see the “AC off due to high temperature” message, it often indicates that the engine temperature is running too high and has caused your AC to shut down in order to prevent potential damage.

You will need to cool your engine down and the -fastest way to cool down a car is by turning off the engine, letting it sit for 15 minutes or so, and then restarting it. This allows the vehicle’s engine to cool down faster than letting it idle for hours on end when it’s running hot which can actually cause damage.

If there’s no other option but to leave your car idling all day long due to work obligations then make sure that it has plenty of ventilation (open windows/sunroof) as well as adequate cooling system maintenance such as changing out old hoses regularly so they don’t crack under pressure causing water leaks which could result in overheating issues later down line.

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