ac off due to high engine temp

Chevy Cruze Ac Off Due to High Engine Temp (Fixed)

Chevrolet Cruze is a great car but it has some problems. One of the common problems is getting the ” ac off due to high engine temp” message on the dashboard. This article will help you troubleshoot the cause of this problem and how to fix it with ease.

What Does “Ac off due to high engine temp” Mean?

This fault message generally means that the engine temperature is too high and the air conditioner compressor has been switched off to prevent overheating.

Why is Your Chevy Cruze Saying AC off due to High Engine Temp

In most cases, this is not caused by a high engine temperature the most common cause for this is:

Bad Temperature Sensor

It is known that the temperature sensor on many vehicles, including the Chevrolet Cruze, can get damaged or dirty over time. If this happens, it will not send the correct signal to the vehicle’s computer and this may cause an “ac off due to high engine temp” message on the dashboard.

A Chevy Cruze has two temperature sensors that are located in different positions. however, the purpose is similar and I would recommend replacing both sensors.

What is a Temperature Sensor and What Does It Do?

A temperature sensor on your chevy Cruze is responsible for sensing the temperature of your engine coolant and the engine itself.

The sensor sends a signal to your Cruze computer, and that information is used to determine if the engine is overheating based on the reading it receives.

When the temperature sensor fails, your chevy may not be able to detect the real coolant temperature and display false readings.

What Causes Chevy Cruze Temperature Sensors to Fail?

There are a couple of things that affect the temperature sensor over time.


The first is corrosion. This can happen if the sensor is not installed properly or if it’s exposed to liquid, such as coolant or water. If this happens, the sensor will become damaged and start sending inaccurate readings to your computer.

Faulty Electrical Connection

Another cause could be a faulty electrical connection between the sensor and computer, sometimes common car wear and tear can cause the connection to become loose.

Dirt/Debris Build Up

This is a common cause for temp sensors to fail on a chevy Cruze. Dirt and debris can get into the sensor and cause it to fail. This is especially common if you have a dirty air filter.

How to Fix and Reset “Ac off due to high engine temp” Message

To reset this fault message the first thing that you need to do is get new temperature sensors, fortunately, they are relatively cheap and you can find one at any chevy dealership or online. Once you have replaced the sensor, you can reset the fault message by disconnecting your battery for about 10 minutes. When reconnecting the battery, make sure that all connections are tight and secure.

You can either have a mechanic replace them for you or you can do it yourself, this video shows you how to replace the sensors at home.

Other Potential Causes for this issue on a Cruze

Even though the most common cause is a bad sensor, there are other things that can cause it. There are other things that can cause this error message as well.

1. Failing Thermostat:

The thermostat is a critical component of your heating system. It regulates the temperature inside the engine by controlling how much coolant flows through it. If the thermostat fails, then you may notice that your engine chevy runs hot when idling or sitting at a light. This problem can also cause your Cruze to stall out when starting up from a cold start on cold days.

2. Leaking Radiator:

A leaking radiator can cause your chevy cruze engine to overheat. It’s easy to diagnose a leak because you will see water dripping from the engine when it gets hot.

3. Bad Water Pump:

The water pump is another component of the cooling system that can fail. If it does, then your engine will not be able to properly cool itself. This can cause high engine temperatures on your chevy cruze.