can a chevrolet spark be flat towed

Can a Chevy Spark Be Flat Towed? (Things to Know)

Can a Chevrolet Spark be flat towed is a common question I get and in this article I am going to answer exactly that, let’s jump straight to it.

In short, Yes, a Chevy Spark can be flat towed but on one condition, it has to be a manual transmission Chevrolet spark to be able to flat tow it,  automatic sparks are next to impossible to flat tow because they will cause serious damage to the transmission.

Flat towing is also called “Four down towing” or “dinghy towing.” Usually, it involves attaching a tow bar to a suitable car such as an SUV or pick-up. Then, you have to let the vehicle roll along behind your motorhome on its own four tires.

When you consider the issue of flat towing, weight considerations will make you avoid adding a trailer or a dolly to the equation. More significantly, any vehicle that needs flat towing should add the weight to the vehicle’s weight instead. Additionally, your car needs to have flat towing components such as a base plate, tow bar, and a wiring kit. Besides, you may not compare these components to the dolly or trailer.

Why Is the Chevy Spark a Good Car to Flat- Tow?

Several reasons make the Chevy Spark an excellent car to flat tow;


The Chevy Spark is the most miniature model of the Chevrolet vehicles.  It is a small four-door hatchback that seats four people. Chevy Spark’s lightweight remains the reason for its popularity as a dinghy vehicle for motorhome owners.

As an owner of a large RV, indeed, you’ll be interested in carrying the lightest car to tow behind your motorhome. The Chevy Spark is attractive to RV owners as it helps minimize RV fuel consumption. Furthermore, less weight means minor wear and tear on the RV braking system as there is less mass to slow down.

Additionally, lighter vehicles less impact the transmission system as you drag less weight up the hill.

Small Size

The Chevy Sparks’ small and compact size makes it an excellent RV dinghy attraction. At barely under 11.9, 2022 Chevy Spark adds less length to what already is a long motorhome. Still, the Chevy Spark enjoys a width of 5 feet and a height of slightly under 5 feet,

making it an attractively small and dainty vehicle. At the same time, the Chevy Spark has the size and weight that renders it unnoticeable to most motorhome drivers. It proves easy and compact to park when you get to the campsite.


A brand new 2022 Chevy Sparks costs only $13,600. Older models cost less. More so, you can buy it on the used market at an even lesser amount. With a 1.4 liter 4-cylinder engine, the Chevy Spark proves affordable at the pump as well.

How Much Does the Chevy Spark Weigh?

The 2022 Chevy Spark curb weighs between 2246 to 2312 pounds depending on the model. The closest competitor is the 2021 Mitsubishi Mirage hatchback, which weighs comparatively lesser at 2095 t0 2140 lbs.

Also, the Mirage hatchback generates 78 hp compared to Spark’s 98 hp. The Mirage hatchback remains a non-flat towable vehicle, so if you add the weight of a dolly or a trailer, the Sparks still tops for the lowest weight.

More importantly, combining the low weight and the low profile of the Chevy Spark with the 98 hp generated via the 1.4-liter 4-cylinder engine makes this tiny vehicle nimble and dinghy for RVs.

How Do You Flat Tow Your Chevy Spark?

If you want to flat-tow your Chevy Spark, it may serve you well to familiarize yourself with recreational laws on vehicle towing. These laws vary from region to region, and you may want to get regulations for the area you live in in the US. You can find some details of flat towing your Chevy Spark below;

For The LS model, You can only Flat- Tow a 5-speed Manual

You need to install a base plate to provide your vehicle with the attachment point your tow bar connects and remains bolted to your car’s chassis. Equally, you’ll need a high-quality bar for your flat towing endeavor.

A wiring kit comes in handy as it ensures the brake light, tail lights, and turn signals from the RV are replicated on the car’s rear lights. Also, check on braking and breakaway protection. Once you have installed all these, you’re good to tow your vehicle.

Flat Towing

You need to pull your Chevy Spark in position behind your RV in readiness for towing. Then, secure your Spark to the RV following directions given within your tow bar. Significantly, the 2021 Chevy Spark doesn’t have a locking steering, so there is no need to worry about setting it up for towing by unlocking the steering. As you tow the Spark, never exceed 70mph speed.

How To Dolly Tow a Spark With Automatic or Manual Transmission

If you want to dolly tow your Chevy Spark, there is an option for both automatic and manual Sparks. To tow a vehicle with two wheels on the ground and the front wheels on a dolly;

  1. First, ensure you put the front wheels on a dolly.
  2. Then shift an automatic transmission into the first gear.
  3. Set the parking brake.
  4. After, ensure the steering wheel is in a straight-ahead position.
  5. Use a clap designed for towing. Turn the ignition off.
  6. Ensure you firmly secure the vehicle to the dolly.
  7. Then, release the parking brake

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Using a shield mounted in front of the Spark’s grille could restrict airflow, causing damage to the transmission.
  • Also, be sure to read the tow vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation on towing capacity of the towing vehicles.
  • Some vehicles come with restrictions on how far you can tow them and for how long. For proper towing equipment, be sure to see your dealer.
  • Equally, your dealer remains the best person to approach for additional advice and equipment recommendations.

Conclusion on Flat Towing a Chevy Spark

Yes, indeed, you can tow Chevy Spark. But, before embarking on pulling a Spark, be sure to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations governing vehicle towing in your locality. You also need to ensure you have all the towing vehicle types of equipment. If you’re not sure about the kind of equipment to use, get additional advice on the same from your dealer.

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