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4 inch Lift vs 6 inch Lift Silverado (Which One is Better for Your Chevy)

In this article, we are going to be doing a 4 inch vs 6 inch lift in a Silverado. If this is something you are considering then this post is going to give you some useful information that will help you better understand the dynamics behind lifting your Silverado.

Anyone who has owned a truck has flirted with the idea of adding a few more inches to the clearance of their truck. The reason people do so vary from the most practical to the absorbed. Be it for aesthetics or more for logical reasons like off-roading. The question though becomes the four-inch or the six-inch lift for your Silverado.

In short, a 4-inch lift is great for someone who is looking for better aesthetics than the stock Silverado and looking for general purpose use whereas a 6-inch lift is great if you are looking to offlroad a lot and have more aggression and ground clearance, however,  the ride quality will be compromised with a 6-inch lift.

The frontal and rear clearance for either a 4 or 6-inch lift will not be that respective value and differs between the two. To keep your vehicle safe an associated rise in the tire size is also necessary because failure to account for these changes can be costly. Lifting a car tends to raise the vehicle’s center of gravity and as such makes it less stable hence the need for a tire change.

What changes do you see by lifting your Silverado by 4-inch?

4 inches is not that much of a lift on your vehicle. It does have an aesthetically pleasing look but is not a significant enough lift to start showing serious changes in the vehicle’s performance.

In general, this lift maintains a good fuel economy and the right choice of wheels can even result in an improvement in fuel efficiency. This 4-inch lift has the added advantage of being legal for the most part in most states and still allows your car to fit inside your garage.

What changes do you see by giving your Silverado a 6-inch lift?

6-inches of lift is not the most considerable but you might find that the 2-inch discrepancy makes this slight modification illegal in some parts of the states. That is why the 4 inch tends to be the more common lift.

6 inches seems the more conservative option. This option usually costs pretty much the same as the 4- inch lift but with the six-inch, you do start to see a difference in the fuel consumption.

With a 2 inch difference, the difference in miles per gallon can increase by 2-3 gallons. Though the wind is a contributing factor to this primarily it is the tire size that accounts for the disparity. The size tire you will need for the larger, lifted truck will also be bigger 25s’ to 32s’. added to this is the fact that you can’t fit your 6 inches lifted truck into most garages.

6 inch vs 4 inch lifted Silverado

Starting from the point where the two have comparable pricing to upgrade to, you will find that you need to take into account the common use of the truck in choosing one over the other. In the case where you use the truck for towing or for hauling, there are a few things to keep in mind.

If you’re going to be using the truck bed a lot you will need to know that a higher bed makes it harder to carry things into and out of the truck.

Generally, for most urban operations the 6 inch is more of a disadvantage. Now if we are considering off-roading, which is what most truck owners are eager to do.

You will find that with a 4-inch lift you really don’t get much height. It will still be hard to manoeuver branches, trenches, and the like. A six-inch lift will easily help you overcome this kind of terrain easier. Although the general overall fuel consumption here will be higher.

You would need to also take into consideration the kit you will be making use of as it affects the cost of the lift too. A 4-inch lift can run you up from $600 – $1,200 whereas a 6-inch lift can go for as much as $1500 – $1800.

Conclusion 4 inch lift vs 6 inch lift Chevrolet Silverado

The purpose of your lift plays a considerable part in which option is best for you. The 4 inch is better suited for the urban areas and the 6 inch is ideal for off-road purposes. Pricing varies with state and classifications, the two can cost the same or have markedly different prices. The choice of the superior one, the 4 inch or 6 inch comes down to what you want or need.